E-Commerce Can Be Serious Business

Having a web presence isn’t enough. If you intend to sell your product or service online, whether it’s direct to consumer or business-2-business, you need a professional e-commerce solution. Do first impressions matter? Absolutely! Frankly, if your site is ugly or difficult to use, it only takes one click to lose a customer.read more information on have more visitors to your site by clicking here

TheĀ Singapore SEO agency In Marketing specialize in e-commerce web design. We develop professional e-commerce sites for Business-2-Business and Direct-2-Consumer with a focus on online catalogs and shopping cart systems. We’re skilled in a number of different systems, including Miva Merchant 5 and Yahoo! Stores. The e-commerce sites that we design offer all the features you need to do some serious online business.view features of our e-commerce sites.

We also offer Search Engine Marketing and Internet Marketing services to our clients and outside merchants. These services include lead generation programs, affiliate program management, PPC consulting, Google AdWords, and direct linking services.

E-Commerce Can Be Serious Business

We’re More Than Just E-Commerce Web Design

We didn’t start our careers in e-commerce web design. Our experience goes back 15 years, when direct marketing and mail order catalogs were all the rage. In fact, the depth of our knowledge, skills, and abilities come from having started a successful mail order catalog company. After winning numerous catalog awards, and morphing into a highly successful e-commerce site, we sold the company to our largest competitor. Since then, we’ve been involved in high-end, professional e-commerce design and development, and all facets of Internet marketing, specifically Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

Our clients also benefit from our knowledge and experience in new business development, brand name development, catalog (or e-commerce) operations and fulfillment, catalog production, direct mail campaigns, email campaigns, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC (Pay-Per-Click), Google Adwords, and affiliate marketing.read more information on Google adwords by clicking here

No Fluff! Just Substance!

Don’t let our name fool you. When it comes to e-commerce web design and Internet marketing, we really are no-nonsense. Contrary to the designers out there who want to impress you with their Flash and fancy eye-candy, we focus on functionality in an aesthetic design. We do create pleasing designs, but we forego the “WOW” factor and focus on developing sites that sell. That’s really the purpose of an e-commerce site, whether it’s Business-2-Business (B2B) or Direct-2-Consumer (D2C), and we never forget it. All our sites are coded in CSS for high performance and include on-page search engine optimization.

If your site’s design is acceptable but is under-performing, or you’re just looking to increase sales or leads, you may want to hire us for our Search Engine Marketing services.

So, whether you’re an established company or fresh startup, in need of a high-end, professional e-commerce website or online performance marketing services, then The Beacon communication are your solution. But, ONLY if you’re serious about doing business online! To receive a no-cost, no-hassle, no-obligation quote on your project, please contact us.

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