How to Improve Your Conversion Rates with a Faster Website

Often what your site needs is not more visits, but to have better conversion rate optimization and generate more sales. Conversion Rate Optimization ie (CRO) is the best thing you could ever wish of having to improve the overall response of your website.

For those who still do not know about CRO, conversion rate is the proportion of people who made a purchase or contacted in relation to the total number of visits. That is, with the conversion rate of 1% on an e-commerce, of every 100 visitors 1 made a purchase; The conversion rate was 2% for every 100 visitors 2 would hold a purchase. It is easy to understand however quite hard to achieve without the right SEO Lead generation help.

 SEO Lead generation will help you!

With the advancement of online marketing, we got to a point previously unimaginable of qualified traffic shortage. This can occur when possible traffic sponsored links have reached its limit or are in early position for virtually all keywords, or investment in new traffic will not mean ROI. You should definitely count with the help of a Singapore SEO agency to improve your site and its quality.

The increased conversion rate is of course always very welcome but makes much more sense when we are working with established sites or, conversely, startups that are at the time of leverage and must find its growth engine. That is why it is so important for you to always have a Singapore SEO agency beside you.

Increase proportional to much better income

Consider an e-commerce site that has a monthly turnover of $ 1 million and a conversion rate of 1%. The conversion rate is a metric directly related to revenue generation, so that it increase or decrease will directly impact on revenue of this virtual store.

Considering that sales of $ 1mi and 1% conversion rate, simply increasing the conversion rate at 0.15% would mean an increase in revenue also by 15%, or $ 150,000.00 / month. With the Conversion Optimization, could increase the company’s revenues without spending another penny in media.

The CRO could be in focus also in an increase in the average ticket, to increase the average value of all applications for e-commerce, which again would generate positive results in the monthly billing of e-commerce.

The right scientific methodology

The conversion rate consists in applying a methodology for improving the conversion rate of a website through experiments. We know that there are several reasons why a person to request a quote or buy an e-commerce, and they vary from site to site, so the CRO comes to discover through a scientific methodology which will generate more conversions.

The bottom line

With CRO you can increase your revenue without spending more on media which means SEO Lead generation is exactly what everyone  needs.  The more you pay attention to your rates the more results you are going to have. But always keep in mind that you need SEO Lead generation to have the right results.

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