What Is CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)?

A Conversion Rate Optimization is the process of optimizing a website, advertisement, or a landing page to get a potential customer to convert to an actual customer. If the potential customer does not actually make a purchase but might sign up for your company’s newsletter, then they have entered their name and either mailing or email address. This gives you the opportunity to get their mailing or email address so that you can use them as a lead for future sales or promotions.

How Did This Happen?

This strategy developed as the need for improvement for internet marketing SEO lead generation. It was realized that when a site was getting several hits and no actions that something needed to be done to enhance the actions on the sites. When it comes to sales and marketing, leads are extremely important and with leads like this, the marketers already know that these are people that have an interest in the subject of this site, because they have already been looking at it. These are hot or positive leads. In the early 2000s the competition on the web became more fierce and the realization that the hits on a site had to be more active.

What Was Done?

  • Marketers started experimenting on variations on the designs and styles of the
    websites trying to improve the layouts to keep their visitors on the site longer
  • Company newsletters were developed for the customers to sign up to receive them,
    this would generate leads for their marketing and hopefully bring the customers back to
    the site
  • Some companies have offered free downloads for eBooks on the same subject of the
    site or product. To get this the customer has to sign up before they can download. This
    gives another source of hot leads for their marketing

What Is CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)?

How Was This Monitored?

How was the SEO Lead Generation monitored or measured? This was done by calculating or monitoring the bounce rate on a site. They would take the number of hits on a site, then would take the numbers of actions such as signing up for a lead or making a purchase and divide that number into the hits. This would let the marketing or SEO Company know how many times the site was hit versus the number of actions that were taken. If the actions were too low then it was time to change or enhance their marketing strategy and make the site better or make the visitor a better offer for something to sign up for with at least their name and email address.read more information on marketing planning and strategy http://academic.brooklyn.cuny.edu/economic/friedman/mmmarketingplanning.htm

To get more hits to a site in hope to have more actions performed, many companies will write and publish quality articles and have them posted to various blogs and sites with links back to their client’s sites. This will also get more hot leads for their clients and help them to increase the business with the use of their inbound marketing and sales strategies.


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