What SEO Lead Generation Can Do For Your Site

Thought About Your Inbound Marketing and Sales Lately?

SEO lead generation can be somewhat of a mystery to the novice blogger or business owner. Chances are when you are blogging away, posting up a storm you rarely think about getting ranked with Google or other reputable search engines. The same applies as a business owner. Most of the time you are too inundated; going over profit and loss statements or combing over balance sheets to be concerned with SEO copywriting.

Yet, you could be losing revenue by ignoring this powerful method of creating inbound marketing and sales. Consider this, in 2012 Google generated 42 billion dollars worth of revenue by people looking to get their website or blogged ranked in their search engine (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AdWords). That number can only mean one thing… search engine optimization is important for your business no matter what you specialize in, an e-commerce website can be a good business, read more about e-commerce website by clicking here

What Can SEO Do For Me?

Let’s take a look now at two things that great SEO optimization can do for your site.

What SEO Lead Generation Can Do For Your Site

1. Get Noticed

In order for your website to generate sales people have to find you right? Great SEO helps do just that.
In fact, according to tmemarketing.com, seo optimization is the second most effective method of digital conversion. On their site they make the following statement concerning internet users:

” traffic to a website in the first position on page 1 is 40% higher than traffic to the site in 2nd position. Secondly, less than 5% of website viewers scroll to the 2nd page of a Google search. More traffic equals more prospects who are at least interested in what you are selling.” (source: http://www.tmemarketing.com/inbound-marketing-insights/Lead-gen-top-10-trends-for-2014)

Chances are, without great SEO copywriting, people will never find you or your service. Who wants to spend thousands of dollars on an incredible website only to have it buried in the annals of search engine history never to be found? If you don’t want that to happen to you then you need to consider some ways to optimize your website so you can make page one and get noticed!

2. Generate Sales

This one is a natural progression from the first point. Now that you have made page one and have a 40% higher traffic rate than websites listed on page two, you will have a 40% better chance of increasing your sales from your website! This process is more than just people buying your product and leaving. With the digital age, think about how many times a friend or coworker has tweeted about something they just bought, or perhaps they post it on facebook, or leave a great review on your site.

All of this generates more traffic to your site. These posts, tweets, comments, and reviews get picked up by the same search engines, therefore helping you maintain a higher page rank status and thus garner higher traffic to your site.

In short, Seo lead generation is one of the most effective ways of generating sales from your page visitors. In today’s ultra-competitive market it simply can not be ignored. Those who do it well will get traffic and sales. Those who do not will eventually have nothing to show for it.

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